Sundance makes first Gainesville Appearance with author Shelly Mickle

Courtesy of Tioga Town Center

Sundance, the miniature horse that is a character in the just-released novel, JASON AND ELIHU, A FISHERMAN\’S STORY,
by Shelley Fraser Mickle, will be making his first Gainesville public appearance at the town square in Tioga Town Center Saturday, May 15th from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Sundance was trained to fulfill his role in the novel by learning to smile on cue and count out how many peppermints he wants.

JASON AND ELIHU is a children\’s novel set at our beloved Cross Creek in the literary tradition of THE YEARLING. It features an 11-year-old boy dream-bitten with the desire to catch Elihu, the legendary bass. Two foster children join the hunt and a young girl, named Jazel, who has to revise her dream of becoming an ice skater when a brain tumor robs her balance.

Whenever Elihu is caught, the mighty fish whispers a secret. That is, if Elihu is ever caught, since Old Snout, the gator, tends to rise out of the water and snap the line whenever Elihu is hooked. So when you learn the secret, you must keep it!

JASON AND ELIHU is a fundraiser for foster care with its focus on prevention. The novel is perfect for families to read together. Lynn McNeill, elementary school principal, says, \”This book needs to be in the hands of children.\”

Shelley will also be signing 101 DOG STREET, THE STORY OF AMOS, THE BUMMED-OUT CANINE, a chapter book for second grade that is a fundraiser for the Ferrero Children\’s Hospital Foundation.
Come meet Shelley and Sundance. Also Magic, the miniature horse, recently voted \”The Most Heroic Pet in America,\” will be there.

Both JASON AND ELIHU, $15 and 101 DOG STREET, $12, are published by Wild Onion Press, Books Starring Kids with Physical Differences with a portion of each books\’ proceeds going to its nonprofit partner.

By Shelley Frasier Mickle
10:27 am, April 22, 2010

Debbie Garcie-Bengochea